Grace McCune – Direct Box of the Soul

Grace is a force of nature: singer, songwriter, piano player, teacher, actress… I’ve only been on the island a short year and her name just keeps coming up – clearly a big fish in our little island pond!  We were in Enchanted Forest together at the Orcas Center these past two months, and Grace was a true pleasure to work with: punctual, professional, fun to be around, worked hard and complained not at all.  Then she asked me to help her put together an EP of her songs for a mini tour she is doing in Europe presently, and Direct Box of the Soul is the result.  Five songs, recorded in one day, mixed and mastered in another.  She was prepared and nailed it each song in under three takes, with few overdubs if any.  I look forward to working with her again.  Here is my favorite song from the album, She Is Water.  

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