Over the years I have taught tennis, science, drama, audio, video, and streaming media.  I enjoy the discerning task of breaking complex topics / skills down into linear, digestible lessons, uniquely tailored to a student’s needs and abilities.

From 1999 to 2010 I taught audio, video and web media production at the Art Institute of Seattle.  I liken that job to an “instructor olympics,” as it forced me to dissect, categorize, and re-deliver a large portion of my technical understanding on a regular basis.  It is one thing to know a lot about a subject.  It is entirely another thing to be able to teach what you know to another human being concisely, fluently, and with a high degree of retention.  There is nothing like having to teach a subject to discover what it is you really know about it!

More recently, I have distilled my knowledge of audio and Ableton Live in particular into a series of books.  Any crannies of unclarity that had not been ironed-out while teaching for a decade were gone over with a microscope while writing these books.  Nothing like writing a book to REALLY discover what you know!  (And what you don’t know, you know?)

I am also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, which means I have proven to Ableton that I know what I know, and can present what I know to others with a high degree of skill.  To that end, I am the Lead Trainer at, an online school that I started with Drew “Vespers” Betts and Andrew “Myagi” Mavor, where we have a very broad and deep curriculum for learning Live.  The quality is high, and the prices are low—stop by and see what we have to offer.

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