Jake Perrine has been a music enthusiast all his life, and began composing electronic music in 1984 on an Apple II+.  He received his BA in theatre and music from Hampshire College in 1993, where he composed original scores for four theatrical productions, and was a sound and lighting designer for many more.  His primary concentration was on his own original operatic work, “VAMP”, which was produced in three incremental productions as a workshop, a studio, and finally a mianstage production.  For these productions, Jake additionally served as the producing agent and director, coordinating as many as forty students per production.  Upon graduation, Jake received the Threshold Grant of Excellence, which provided him with the funds to allow him to make an archival recording of the entire work.

In 1995, Jake and five other Hampshire College graduates founded Thirteenth Tribe, a 501(c)3 theatre company based in Chicago, which produces cutting edge stagings of new and classic works.  The company continues to this day as Division 13 Productions.

In 1996, Jake took a job with RealNetworks in Seattle which allowed him to uses his audio engineering, computing and production skills to the hilt, pioneering over 100 webcasts of prestigious events such as The Tibetan Freedom Concert on Randal Island, The Intel NY New Music Festival, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Backstreet Boys, and countless others.  He was called upon to speak at conventions and seminars about his knowledge of webcasting and rich media content production from Las Vegas and San Francisco to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris.  He also used his composing skills to score video, ads and multimedia presentations for the company.

Jake has self-produced solo records under the project heading “Spire,” showcasing his songwriting, performance and engineering skills.

In 2000, his path came nearly full-circle as he relocated for a year to New York City to stage a newly revised production of his operatic work, “VAMP – Consumption in Three Acts,” which was performed at the Lamb’s Theatre in Times Square in March 2001.

Upon returning to Seattle in June 2001, Jake leapt directly into several large-scale projects including the award winning 2001 U2 webcast for U2.com, producing a benefit gallery and performance event called “My America” in response to the 9/11 attacks, several acting roles and sound designs for Seattle theatre productions, and directing a play by Will Eno entitled “Tragedy: A Tragedy” at the Capitol Hill Arts Center.

Also in 2001, Jake began teaching audio and video production at the Art Institute of Seattle, which he would continue to do until 2010.

From 2002 to 2009, Jake was deeply involved with the Oracle Gatherings, as a tarot reader, DJ, musician, performer,sound designer, director, technical director, and ultimately managing director.

In 2006 Jake became a house engineer at Seattle’s prestigious RFI/CD mastering studio in Madison Valley, where he mastered over 200 CD projects of musicians from around the world.

Jake became a Certified Trainer for Ableton Live in 2010.

Late in 2010, he and his wife Zanetha moved to Orcas Island, where they currently reside.

Soon after the move, Jake began writing three books on Ableton Live for Hal Leonard publishing.  Two of the books will be available in late 2011, and the third will be available in 2012.

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