It’s my sister’s fault for bringing home the electric guitar when I was 9.  I’ve been an audio geek ever since.

I love sound.  I’ve been chasing better quality sound all my life.  I’m the guy who stealthily adjusts a restaurant’s EQ settings when no one is looking so customers don’t have to shout to be heard AND can hear the music at the same time.  I’m the guy who tries to imagine which combination of plugins would be required to synthetically re-create the soundscape he’s hearing on the bus.  And I’m the guy who can usually be completely entertained by simply closing his eyes and listening, anytime, anywhere.

I’ve worked in recording, mixing, mastering, sound for film and video, streaming audio and webcasting, MIDI and synthesis, sound design for theatre and installations, live sound reinforcement, and teaching all of the above.  I’ve worked on weddings and I’ve worked on U2 broadcasts.  I’ve worked in basements and in million dollar studios.

Mixing and mastering has been my bread and butter for the past five years.  You’ll hear some of my recent clients in the audio player on the right.  Here is a very incomplete list of some of the albums I have mastered on  Contact me if you would like to discuss your next project.

Chances are, if I can find the time, I can help you with your project.  Email me for rates and specifics, and to discuss your vision.

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