When not polishing other people’s audio, I relish making my own.  It has always been, at the heart, electronic in nature.  Here are a few of the projects I’ve composed music for:


Bloom is a collaboration with the talented Michael Maricle.  This project is born out of our mutual love
for melody, lyrics and glossy electronic textures.  Michael is a fantastic piano player, composer and lyricist, and when I heard an early version of his song “Beautiful Worlds,” which became the title track of our first CD, I knew I wanted to work with him.  We both write, perform, arrange and sing on each other’s tracks, and some have likened us to “Simon & Garfunkel meets electronica.”  We have played  shows around the greater Seattle area and at festivals around the Pacific NorthWest.  Our music can be heard on our website, Spotify, internet radio, and can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby and many others.  Here is that first song I fell in love with, Beautiful Worlds.


Spire is my solo electronic music pseudonym.  I have released three Spire albums prior to the Bloom disc: “Inertia,” “Molten,” and “Velourium,” and am currently working on a fourth.  Spire tracks can be heard on my Spire website, Spotify, internet radio, podcasts, and can be purchased on iTunesAmazonCDBaby and many others.  Here is the track “Molten” from the album of the same name: 



In more recent years, I have come to appreciate the art of song selection and combination, especially as it pertains to rocking a house party!  Here is a page with a few electro house mixes I’ve made.  I’ve played sets of ambient, down-tempo, electro-house, tech house, hip hop, mashups, Jazz and yes, 80’s music! I even love playing at weddings. :-)


I got into MIDI sequencing in the early years of MIDI’s existence (early 1980’s).  In college in the early 90’s, I wrote my first full length operatic piece, Vamp, using a hand-me-down IBM 286XT with 128MB of RAM, two floppy drives and no hard drive; and an external synth, sampler, and cassette four-track (pre digital audio recording).  It was performed at Hampshire College three times, as workshop, studio and main-stage productions, and then revised in 2000 for a production at the Lamb’s Theatre in Times Square, NYC in 2001.  It is currently in rehearsal in Hungary for multiple 2012 productions.  The entire score can be heard on the Vamp website.  Here is Moonrise from the prologue of the show: 


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